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LOUIS is a consortium of public and private college and university libraries in the state of Louisiana. This partnership was formed in 1992 by the library deans and directors at these institutions, in order to create a cost-effective collaboration among the institutions for the procurement of library technology and resources. We are currently forty-seven members strong.

We implement intuitive, robust technologies that allows our members to successfully conduct and manage vital library operations; provides library users the means to discover integrated scholarly resources; ensures valuable library resources and services are available to the library's authorized users, anywhere, anytime; and enhances our members’ collections by enabling reciprocal lending and borrowing within the state, and globally.

We support the technology and resources secured by our members through LOUIS by providing solutions and customizing services. We maximize the purchasing power of our members by negotiating lower prices. We provide professional development opportunities to ensure our members get the most benefit from the technology and resources purchased.

We foster communities to provide our members a space in which to share, learn, teach, and question. Each community is set up specifically for groups with common interests and goals to encourage dialog and communication. Communication is paramount to success, and these communities have contributed greatly to our success through the sharing of expertise and ideas.


The consortium is directed by the Associate Commissioner for LOUIS and is governed by the ​Louisiana Board of Regents, under the oversight of the Statewide Programs Committee. The Executive Board serves as an advisory body to the Board of Regents and through the Associate Commissioner for LOUIS, regularly reports to the Commissioner of Higher Education.


LOUIS is a consortium of Louisiana academic libraries united to harness and leverage the strength of their collective power to provide cost-effective information resources, services and technology that advance the teaching, learning, and research missions of its members’ institutions. 


Approved Fall 2023

Electronic Resource Licensing Principles

Approved May 2018

Fast Facts


Include 100% of academic libraries at Louisiana public private colleges and universities


Provides intuitive, robust technologies that support business management and access to scholarly content


Provides at least 61% and as much as 100% of scholarly content used to support research, teaching, and learning


Centralized staff to support systems and operations, negotiate statewide purchases, and facilitate training, collaboration, and communication


12 to 1 return on investment

Funding Sources

15% Board of Regents, 85% Member Libraries