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What is SirsiDynix Mentor 2.0?

SirsiDynix offers a number of training opportunities, from self-paced to instructor-led online learning. These course offerings are made available through SirsiDynix Mentor 2.0, a training portal accessible in the SirsiDynix Support Center. The course catalog covers all SirsiDynix products and offers basic to advanced skills training.

What Types of Course are Available?

Mentor 2.0 offers free courses and for-cost courses.

Free Courses

Free courses are offered as self-paced, interactive courses or instructive videos. These courses are listed as an Online Course or Video in the Mentor 2.0 Course Catalog.

Self-paced Courses

Self-paced courses are offered as free and for-cost courses. These courses are interactive tutorials that step users through tasks and test skills. These courses are listed as an Online Course in Mentor 2.0 Course Catalog.

Instructor-led Courses

Instructor-led courses are private instruction sessions. These are different than the public webinars offered by SirsiDynix. If a library is interested in an instructor-led course, the system administrator opens a FootPrint requesting a quote for the desired course. These courses are listed as an Event in Mentor 2.0 Course Catalog.

Mentor Self-paced Subscription

LOUIS has a subscription for eight self-paced seats that can be assigned to staff at LOUIS libraries interested in completing for-cost self-paced courses.

How Do I Access Mentor Courses?

Go to SirsiDynix Support Center and use your SDSC username and password to log in. Look for the red login button in the menu on the right.

Interested in Mentor Training?

Complete the form below to request the use of a self-paced seat. You DO NOT need to complete this form if you plan to begin with the free coures offerings. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to process your request.