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Quick Vid! Adding WorkFlows to the Windows “Start” menu and taskbar

Ever notice that you can't add the WorkFlows shortcut to the Windows taskbar, nor the Windows Start menu? Well, here's how to fix that! It's easier than you might think.

Quick Vid! Changing the WorkFlows font size

Changing the WorkFlows font size is easy! Each user can set the size to their liking.

Quick Vid! The WorkFlows "Tabbed Windows" feature

Using the "Tabbed Windows" feature in WorkFlows can really be a time saver!

Quick Vid! Would you rather Check In or Discharge Items?

Lots of folks seem to dislike the name of the Discharge Item wizard. WorkFlows also uses the term "charge" where most would use "check out" and "discharge" where most would use "check in." Watch this video and you will see that LOUIS can fix this for you!

Some MARCEDIT Basics