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OCLC Tipasa Update

Interlibrary Loan & ILLiad

November 21, 2013 | Janet Crane (UNO) & Jacob Fontenot (LSU)

UNO’s Janet Crane and LSU’s Jacob Fontenot demonstrated the functionality of the ILLiad software from the time a request is created to its fulfillment. ILLiad is one of the LALINC initiatives that LOUIS licenses and supports. It is a hosted software solution that allows your Interlibrary Loan department to automate the lending, borrowing, and document delivery processes from a single interface, and provides statistics. Historically, ILLiad was thought to be a bit complicated to set up, but in recent years it has become easier to implement. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure all libraries were able to get a fresh perspective on the software, from those using it, in order to determine if using ILLiad would benefit your library.