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Visualizing Library Metrics

January 31, 2018 | Elizabeth Kelly (Loyno)

Data visualization can make the reporting of statistics more dynamic and digestible to a variety of stakeholders. This hands-on workshop, targeted at beginner and intermediate spreadsheet users, will enable participants to create data visualizations using public services and collections metrics for use in annual reports, internal assessments, and public displays. The workshop focuses on using Google Sheets to create charts and graphs, but instructions are also provided for using Microsoft Excel, and other visualization tools be briefly discussed.

Data Wrangling with OpenRefine

May 9, 2016 | Mike Waugh (LSU)

Is your data running loose in your library? OpenRefine is a tool that can help libraries more easily view, analyze, clean, and match large data sets. It is particularly useful for digital projects, statistics, or user data. This presentation will describe how OpenRefine is different from spreadsheets, datasheets, and programming. It will also include demonstrations of some of the most useful functions in OpenRefine, compatible tools, and solutions it provides to would-be data wranglers. Examples will include real-life problems that LSU Libraries has encountered in its cataloging and digital projects.