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eBooks for Course Adoption

This webinar discusses the intention of Regents' funds and the structure of Safe's Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) program, including how the books will be discoverable and how titles will be selected for long-term collection building.

Dazed by DRM: An Explanatory Panel on Licensing for E-Books

March 30, 2017 | Emily Frank (LSU), Jeanne Pavy (UNO), Laurie Phillips (Loyola), Lindsey Reno (UNO), Cindi Robertson (ULM), Brian Sherman (LSUS)

Each librarian discusses their e-book collection development policies and purchasing requirements. They will also describe the trials and tribulations of license terminology and negotiations. The pros and cons of various e-book vendors will be compared and contrasted. They will highlight the unique workflow elements for adding titles and ensuring the findability of these e-books.

You Are Not Alone Faculty Support and Outreach in Textbook Transformations

April 6, 2016 | Deanna Cozat (UG) & Jeanne Pavy (UNO)

Transforming a commercial textbook in a course to OER and other affordable resources can require instructional design expertise, a deeper-than-usual knowledge of technology and accessibility, knowledge of open licensing and copyright, and a good amount of time. This may seem intimidating at first glance for busy instructional faculty, but teaching and learning support centers and libraries can help in providing the support faculty need to make the idea of transforming textbooks into reality.

In this joint event between LOUIS and Affordable Learning Georgia, teaching and learning professionals and librarians from the University of New Orleans and The University of Georgia will share the services they can provide to faculty in textbook transformations, along with outreach strategies to bring more faculty into the OER and affordable learning community.

Electronic Alternatives to Textbooks for Your Students

March 23, 2015 | Jim Hobbs & Teri Gallaway (Loyola)

Learn how Loyola librarians worked with teaching faculty to provide alternatives to purchasing expensive textbooks for students.