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Dazed by DRM: An Explanatory Panel on Licensing for E-Books

March 30, 2017 | Emily Frank (LSU), Jeanne Pavy (UNO), Laurie Phillips (Loyola), Lindsey Reno (UNO), Cindi Robertson (ULM), Brian Sherman (LSUS)

Each librarian discusses their e-book collection development policies and purchasing requirements. They will also describe the trials and tribulations of license terminology and negotiations. The pros and cons of various e-book vendors will be compared and contrasted. They will highlight the unique workflow elements for adding titles and ensuring the findability of these e-books.

Discovering Discovery: Customizations, Integrations, and Inventions with EDS

February 22, 2017 | Mike Abrahamson (EBSCO)

Libraries around the world are working with Discovery Service Engineers to expand on their Discovery Service. In this webinar, Mike Abrahamson will demonstrate the range of customizations available to EDS libraries.


September 15, 2016 | Lisa E. Jones (EBSCO)

Refresh and renew your discovery service with a just a few key areas of customization. We will compare search settings and show you ways to simplify your EDS result lists so that users are given easier access to what your library owns. We will explore the new Top Search Terms report and other recently released features during our time together. This will be a great course for new EDS librarians to attend to prepare for the more advanced courses at the LOUIS Users Conference in October.

LibGuides, Literacy, and Literati

January 9, 2017 | Bethany Reisch (NTCC)

This webinar discusses how Northshore Technical Community College uses available Credo Literati tools in conjunction with our LibGuides to promote information literacy. This session takes you through our journey to better reach our students while discussing the mistakes we made and successes we’ve had so you can skip the mistakes and move straight to the successes!

Online, In Class, Engaged Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Librarian Experiences at LSU

November 30, 2016 | Marty Miller, Andrea Hebert, Randa Lopez (LSU), and Amanda MacDonald (Virginia Tech)

Librarians from LSU's Middleton Library share their varied experiences with embedding, including methods, partnerships with instructors, contact with students, and effect on student work and they discuss how you can strategically select classes for embedding projects to ensure that information literacy instruction has the most impact on a program of study’s curriculum.

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