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February 25, 2016 | Jaime Barrilleaux and Lisa Stigall (LOUIS)

Let's discuss some best practices for loading e-Resource records into your catalog. Lisa and Jaime will share some best practices they've gleaned from assisting sites with loading records, and with the cleanup when things didn't go so well. This discussion will cover why you might want to load these records, what you need to do to get them ready for load, and when should you load, update, or delete the records. This webinar is targeted toward beginners, but anyone wanting a refresher might be interested in viewing.

Credo and Information Literacy Solutions to Meet Your Library’s Needs

October 25, 2015 | Beth Ardner and Amanda DiFeterici (Credo Reference)

Join us as we share Credo’s information literacy products and describe different use cases for information literacy instruction. Learn how Credo’s solutions might align with your library and institutional initiatives and priorities, see how our video and tutorial content can augment your teaching and free up your time, and participate in the discussion about what’s needed in information literacy and critical thinking instruction going forward.

Custom Linking in EBSCO Admin

December 1, 2015 | Eric Frierson (EBSCO)

Have questions about custom linking in EBSCO Admin? Then this session is the one for you! Eric Frierson will provide a brief overview of custom linking in EBSCO Admin, followed by an extended question and answer session.

Data Wrangling with OpenRefine

May 9, 2016 | Mike Waugh (LSU)

Is your data running loose in your library? OpenRefine is a tool that can help libraries more easily view, analyze, clean, and match large data sets. It is particularly useful for digital projects, statistics, or user data. This presentation will describe how OpenRefine is different from spreadsheets, datasheets, and programming. It will also include demonstrations of some of the most useful functions in OpenRefine, compatible tools, and solutions it provides to would-be data wranglers. Examples will include real-life problems that LSU Libraries has encountered in its cataloging and digital projects.

Planning a Library-Wide Open House: Data-Driven Decision Making in Action

March 15, 2016 | Rebecca Kelley and Randa Lopez (LSU)

Rebecca Kelley and Randa Lopez will outline the history of LSU Libraries Open House, an annual event to highlight library services and resources available to undergraduates. Participants will learn how data-driven decision making can be used in planning a library-wide event. We will discuss how LSU Libraries used data collected from the pilot event in February 2014 to determine the feasibility of an annual event. Likewise, data collected from subsequent open houses in fall 2014 and 2015 was used to make decisions for future events.

SirsiDynix Symphony Migration to SaaS and EBSCO A-to-Z Migration to Full Text Finder

Cathy Sicard and Jaime Barrilleaux (LOUIS)

In January 2015, a LALINC task force was created to evaluate options to improve the technology infrastructure used to support Symphony customers under LOUIS. The Symphony Infrastructure Migration Task Force met weekly to consider 1) migrating Symphony to newer servers running Linux with Oracle and Unicode, and also 2) migrating from a locally hosted environment to SirsiDynix’s SaaS hosting service. The task force recommended that the LOUIS consortium migrate to the SirsiDynix Software as a Service (SaaS) comprehensive hosting service running Linux with Oracle and Unicode. The migration process began in June, and so far 5 sites are live on SaaS. LOUIS will update you on how things are progressing so far, and enlighten sites on what to expect during and after your migration process.

Alongside the Symphony migration, LOUIS will be working with EBSCO and member libraries to migrate from EBSCO’s A-to-Z to Full Text Finder, a new suite of state-of-the-art library holdings and link management tool. Full Text Finder features include a comprehensive knowledge base, a publication search service, and a fully-functional link resolver. LOUIS will discuss more about this upcoming project.

Social Media in Your Library

February 25, 2016 | Gail Kwakl (NSULA)

Participants will learn the basics of social media and how to leverage it to promote library services and events. The presentation will emphasize Instagram and how Northwestern State University libraries used it to promote a Freshman-centered event in the fall of 2014.

You Are Not Alone Faculty Support and Outreach in Textbook Transformations

April 6, 2016 | Deanna Cozat (UG) & Jeanne Pavy (UNO)

Transforming a commercial textbook in a course to OER and other affordable resources can require instructional design expertise, a deeper-than-usual knowledge of technology and accessibility, knowledge of open licensing and copyright, and a good amount of time. This may seem intimidating at first glance for busy instructional faculty, but teaching and learning support centers and libraries can help in providing the support faculty need to make the idea of transforming textbooks into reality.

In this joint event between LOUIS and Affordable Learning Georgia, teaching and learning professionals and librarians from the University of New Orleans and The University of Georgia will share the services they can provide to faculty in textbook transformations, along with outreach strategies to bring more faculty into the OER and affordable learning community.