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A MarcEdit Sampler

August 18, 2014 | Natalie Palermo (LSU Law)

This session covers a sampling of basic and advanced features of MarcEdit, the MARC editing software suite by Terry Reese. High interest for MarcEdit users, but everyone is welcome to listen in!

Building a Better Browser Experience with Add-ons and Extensions

December 17, 2014 | Brian Sherman (LSUS)

This presentation is an introduction to web browser extensions for Chrome, IE, and Firefox. Topics discussed in this session include: what are browser extensions, where to get them, what to look for, and what are some popular extensions to make the working information professional’s life easier. High interest for everyone who has ever or will ever use a web browser!

EDS in Moodle

November 20, 2014 | Mike Waugh & Emily Frank (LSU)

Curriculum Builder, designed by EBSCO and supported by LOUIS, allows instructors using a Learning Management System (such as Moodle or Blackboard) to build reading lists that point to library resources in EBSCO Discovery Service. In doing so, it simplifies the process for instructors to integrate library resources into their courses and allows for one-click full text access for students. In this presentation we demonstrate how to configure the tool from the perspective of the library systems administrator. Then we discuss how the LSU Libraries engaged entities from outside the library for development and promotion, and how this tool has better embedded the library in the university’s virtual community. Finally, we discuss the preliminary adoption of the tool, challenges and ideas for further development. High interest for EBSCO and LMS administrators and instructional librarians, but it should be interesting to anyone looking for ideas to better integrate the library in the university’s virtual classroom.

Electronic Alternatives to Textbooks for Your Students

March 23, 2015 | Jim Hobbs & Teri Gallaway (Loyola)

Learn how Loyola librarians worked with teaching faculty to provide alternatives to purchasing expensive textbooks for students.

EZproxy Admin & Hosting

July 15, 2014 | Jerome Marcantel (McNeese) & Karen Niemla (ULM)

Jerome Marcantel at McNeese State University talks about EZproxy administration, and shows how to set up administrator accounts, how to create persistent URLs to authenticate and access the web-based administration panel, and tour some of the options in the web administration interface. Karen Niemla at ULM talks about the problems of trying to coordinate two EZproxy servers at the same time (one for the library, one for LOUIS), why that doesn’t work, and how subscribing to the EZproxy hosted server service solved those problems. Paying for the EZproxy hosted server service instead of self-hosting may or may not be the right choice for every library, and Karen explains the considerations that lead to the decision. She also talks briefly about how the library applied for a grant to fund it.

Fiscal Year Rollover with Symphony WorkFlows

May 26, 2015 | Lisa Witteman (SirsiDynix)

As fiscal year end approaches, it is time to remind ourselves how to rollover funds, vendors, and open orders in Symphony. Let's discuss what needs to be accomplished, and how to get it done.


September 16, 2014 | Shanna Clevenger (Delgado)

This session was an overview of basic and advanced features of the LibGuides software. We reviewed the Delgado Libraries website, creating guides, and migration tips and tricks. High interest for LibGuide administrators and guide creators, but everyone is welcome to attend.

New Features for Curriculum Builder

April 13, 2015 | Eric Frierson (EBSCO)

Join Senior Discovery Service Engineer Eric Frierson to learn about the upcoming release of Curriculum Builder’s newest features, including better support for more learning management systems, more controls for library staff, collection of student data with regards to use of the tool, and much more.

Preparing a Library for SACSCOC Reaffirmation of Accreditation

July 31, 2014 | Alice Daugherty (LSU)

Louisiana State University has recently prepared the necessary Compliance Certification for the SACSCOC reaffirmation of accreditation. This session discusses how to lead a library through the reaffirmation process. Specific questions such as what principles does the library need to address; what documentation is required to satisfy compliance; and what challenges and opportunities might a library face are addressed.

The I Love My Library Card

February 26, 2015 | Justin Swain (SirsiDynix)

Provide a great service while generating new revenue for your library! The I love my library card is a fantastic new product that allows you to offer a dual use library card that has the option of activating a VISA Prepaid Debit card. This optional benefit gives access to a number of different financial features that library users can take advantage of. The VISA Prepaid Debit function is not active until the library user chooses to register their card, so users can decide whether or not they want to use these features. Best of all, continued use of the Prepaid Debit option helps generate additional revenue for the library. Join us for the webinar to find out the details on how your library can start taking advantage of this great program!

The Right Search Box for Your Library Website

January 12, 2015 | Eric Frierson (EBSCO)

Senior Discovery Services Engineer Eric Frierson shares a straightforward way to generate search box code for your library website. In this session, Eric covers options such as limiting to full-text or in-collection results only, limiting by discipline, limiting to specific library locations, and more. Finally, see what EBSCO’s working on for the future: a bento-box style results list and an innovative new idea called Two Questions to Search. Hope to see you there! High interest for EDS and library website administrators and instructional librarians.

Understanding the Circulation Map

January 29, 2015 | Michael Sartori (McNeese)

This Learning with LOUIS session focuses on the Circulation Map: what it is, what you need to know about it, and how to read it to troubleshoot circulation issues. High interest for Symphony system administrators and for circulation staff who want a better understanding of how the circulation map is configured in Symphony WorkFlows.

Using the SirsiDynix Training Portal – Mentor

October 2, 2014 | Lisa Witteman (SirsiDynix)

Mentor is SirsiDynix’s online training portal. Using Mentor, you can navigate SirsiDynix’s catalog of self-paced and instructor led training. There is a nice selection of free courses, as well as those available for a fee. We reviewed how to navigate the catalog, register for and view self-paced training. Watch and make sure you know how to take advantage of Mentor and the LOUIS Mentor subscription!