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What Lists Does LOUIS Manage?

Discussion List Name Change Coming Soon!

Two of our discussion lists will be migrated on May 31, 2017.
LALINC-L will become LOUIS and LALINCTECH-L will become LOUISTECH.
  • ALearningLA: discussion list for those interested in affordable learning in Louisiana
  • iLit-L: discussion list for those interested in information literacy
  • LAEXEC-L: discussion list for members of the Executive Board
  • LOUIS: discussion list for ALL consortium members
  • LOUISTECH: discussion list for those interested in library technology
  • LALDF-L: discussion list for library deans and directors
  • LER-L: discussion list for those interested in electronic resources
  • LOUILL-L: discussion list for those interested in interlibrary-loan
  • LSA-L: discussion list for LOUIS SirsiDynix Symphony system administrators
  • AAUPLA-L: discussion list for the Louisiana chapter of the American Association of University Professors
  • ALFS-Alexandria-Summit: discussion list for participants and friends of the Alexandria Summit meetings on faculty and educational governance

What Lists Can I Subscribe To?

The following lists are "open" lists:

  • ALearningLA
  • iLit-L
  • LER-L
  • ALFS-Alexandria-Summit

These lists are only open to personnel at LOUIS libraries or faculty on campuses in Louisiana, so subscription requests are still mediated.

How Do I Subscribe?

Simply complete the form below and allow 24-48 hours for us to process your request!